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We are a specialist division within the construction industry focused on Dual Occupancy homes. We offer dual key, dual living, plus multigenerational home designs for the Perth metro area.

Dual Occupancy Duplex Builder

Specialists in Dual Occupancy and Duplex Home design and construction. You can feel confident dealing with one of Perth’s largest Project builders. We offer a solid property development platform to design and build the best specialised duplex homes available. Visit our website to understand what dual-key and Du-Oc properties can really offer and how we can improve your next development or investment.

Dual Occupancy & Duplex solutions

Building a home and selecting a design are two of the hardest decisions you can ever make. Now imagine building a home with two living areas, separated bedrooms and two kitchens (All under one roof!)! You are now dealing with some of the most complicated designs that can be put together. The generic term for these homes is Dual Occupancy. These duplex style designs are very unique and fit into 3 categories, Dual Key, Dual living and Multi-Generational. Each style is specific and has very different characteristics to suit different needs. Please learn and discover more about our homes.


HOW Dual Occupancy WORKS!


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Custom & Standard Designs

a dual occupancy home has over 21 different items

We are the experts when it comes to multi-living and duplex designs. Utilise our free builder design service, or choose our independent design option which can then be tendered saving you thousands!

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Can’t afford a home, dual share with a friend, split the costs but still have your own space!

Why build a standard home design when you can add an additional living are under the main roof!

Dual key Turnkey H&L packages. ENRAS packages also available!



Learn why this is the leading and most comprehensively proven property investment in WA.


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